State Police to Super Bowl Partiers: Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Officials urge revelers not to drink and drive.

State Police will be out in force today, patrolling roads on the lookout for drunken drivers, and they say Super Bowl reveling is no excuse for getting behind the wheel when you shouldn't.

“All-star athletes and armchair quarterbacks alike, no one is immune to the dangers of driving while intoxicated," said Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

So, tonight, while you're enjoying the wholly-American spectacle that is Super Bowl Sunday, whether by indulging in pounds of nine-layer dip, eating more Buffalo wings than you can count, or cracking open a cold beer (or two), be sure to keep safety in mind when it's time to go home.

State officials say Super Bowl Sunday is "one of the most dangerous days of the year on the roads," and are taking steps to ensure the safety of everyone.

Acting State Attorney General Paula T. Dow says a little planning before the kick off can help prevent a serious fumble.

“If you plan to drink alcohol, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps before leaving home to ensure a safe return trip. That starts with designating a driver who will not be drinking. By planning ahead, you can protect yourself, your family and other motorists from tragedy on the road,” she said.

State officials have offered the following tips for all those Super Bowl partiers today, whether you are hosting a party or attending one:

For individuals planning on attending a Super Bowl party:

  • Designate a sober driver before the party begins and give that person your car keys. Motorists are asked throughout the year to subscribe to the pledge of the HERO Campaign: drive sober, be a designated driver and don’t let your friends drive drunk. Under the effort, local businesses and community groups, law enforcement agencies, and schools work together to keep drunk drivers off the road. Started in New Jersey by the Elliott family following the tragic death of their son, John, in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, the campaign has become a national model for preventing drunk driving.
  • Consider using a taxi cab or car service, or ask a sober family member or friend to come and get you, or spend the night where you are.
  • Report impaired drivers in New Jersey by dialing #77. You’ll be asked to provide the location and a brief description of the vehicle.
  • Buckle-up, everyone, every ride.

For individuals hosting a Super Bowl Party:

  • Make sure there’s ample food and non-alcoholic beverages available.
  • Stop serving alcohol at the beginning of the third quarter of the game. Instead, offer guests coffee and dessert.
  • Be sure that all guests have designated their drivers in advance, or help to arrange ride-sharing with sober drivers.
  • Have the phone number of a local cab company available, and always take the keys away from anyone who may be thinking of driving after drinking.

Here at Patch, we also want all partiers to make it home safely. The following taxi companies operate in and near town. If you know of others, leave the info in our comments to help your fellow partiers out:

  •  | 973-540-9324
  •  | 973-267-1700
  • , Morristown and Mendham| 973-539-5903 (Morristown), 973-543-5241 (Mendham)
  •  | 973-538-9320
  •  | 973-734-1713
  •  | 973-334-1676
  •  | 973-377-5160
  •  | 973-377-0146
  •  | 800-593-6703


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