What's Most Needed For Morristown Relief Effort?

A UPS truck will be at Town Hall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

How big is your heart, Morristown? As big as their need? Organizers for the , set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Town Hall parking lot, hope it's even bigger.

  1. You Need to Know About Cleaning Supplies: "As you know many people lost everything that they had, those who were lucky and did not still have damaged items," said Fran Reilly, the director of resource development for United Way of Western Alabama, in an email this week. "Debris was thrown into people’s homes and businesses and what is left standing is a mess and it must be cleaned and made livable/workable again."
  2. You Need to Know About Bottled Water: "We really cannot say enough about the need for bottled water," Reilly said. "It is needed for the people still in shelters, the people whose water is still not back on, the children in schools, volunteers, etc."
  3. You Need to Know About Diapers: "Anyone with children knows how expensive diapers can get," Reilly said. "During a time when people are having to spend money to purchase back literally everything they lost, getting help with items such as diapers is a huge help to parents who already have so much on their plate." 
  4. You Need to Know About S'Mores and More: Berit Ollestad, organizer for the Morristown Relief Effort,  to further raise awareness about the relief effort. Her outdoor sojourn will reach its climax at 7 p.m. tonight when she is inviting everyone and anyone over to the "Morristown Campground" for S'Mores and More, to raise additional funds for bottled water and diapers. 
  5. You Need to Know You Can Help Today: Anyone that may not be around Saturday to donate is invited to stop by Ollestad's residence (39 Hamilton Road ... just look for the tent across the street) today. While cleaning supplies, bottled water and diapers are the most needed, most non-perishable items will be accepted.


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