Most Read Morristown Police Stories of 2013

22 violent criminals charged, burglar on tape and drunk driver asleep in drive-thru part of this year’s list.

It is no secret readers flock to the police and fire stories, and these are the stories that brought in the biggest crowd over the last calendar year.

A dangerous issue with manholes at Morris and Elm Street drew your attention earlier this year, as did the arrest of 22 violent criminals in a major bust. A man wanted for a grisly Chicago murder fighting extradition from Morristown had your interest, as did a homeless man’s alleged sexual assault of a minor.

A series of brazen daytime burglaries in Morristown was enough to get you to stop texting and read along with a thief caught on tape stealing from the Melt Factory.

A woman hiding heroin in her sock labeled “happy hour” earned your business when it was posted as did an alleged drunk driver downing a dozen bud lite lemons before getting behind the wheel of the car.

Finally, an alleged drunk driver visited dreamland in the drive-thru of the Morristown Burger King and two hours later was arrested by police.


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