Alleged Burglars Nabbed, 2014 Arrives With a Bang Top Local News

Morristown installs independent as council president, snow snow and more snow also made headlines.

New year and a new week in review! We heard you when you said you preferred more context and narrative in your wrap ups so here is our new format for 2014. 

New Year's began with a bang in downtown Morristown as thousands flocked to this year's First Night Morris. Patch users who attended sent photos of their festivities and the fireworks show shook the skies and brightened the frigid winter's night. 

The very next day Morristown went about its business of reorganizing, as mayor Tim Dougherty was inaugurated for a second time and Michael Elms, Toshiba Foster and Michelle Dupree-Harris took their oaths of office. Former Independent assembly candidate Rebecca Feldman was chosen to be council president for 2014 and Stefan Armington took the nod for vice-president. 

Five new officers joined the ranks of Morristown's Bravest, while Morristown's Finest busted open a burglary case to close out the New Year. A pair of homes in the James Street area of Morristown were broken into last Sunday and police made and arrest and got a confession by Tuesday, according to report. A second man was arrested on Friday.

Finally, I don't know if you heard...but the first snowstorm of 2014 arrived


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