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Hit-and-Run, Gas Leak, Person of the Year Top Local News

Man accused of cursing out cop, library flooded also made headlines.

This was one of those ten pounds of news in a five pound bag kinda week in Morristown as the first full week of 2014 brought in some memorable stories. Here is what you might have missed in our week in review. 

The week started off with a bang, literally, as first reported on Patch Morristown Police began their Sunday morning searching for a driver who took out a traffic light around the Morristown Green and then ditched the car and fled the scene. Within a couple days, they had their man and a confession

The Morristown and Morris Township Library was unexpectedly closed when a sprinkler burst on the second floor while a few blocks away a gas leak snarled traffic around Morris and Spring Street

The Morris School District Board of Education named Leonard Posey as their president for the third time and our 2013 Person of the year (nominated and chosen by you the reader) was revealed. 

A man took out his anger at not being allowed to drive drunk on a police officer and unless you were living under a rock, you were following Gov. Chris Christie's difficult week, and we were as well. 

Also? It was cold. For real cold. 

But that is only a small sampling of what can be found if you go to our site and click on News. 


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